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27 avril 2012 5 27 /04 /avril /2012 12:15


If you forgot password on your Vista computer and cannot log on your computer, you have two choices: one is to impel yourself until you remember your Vista administrator password, the other is to bypass Windows Vista password with some useful methods.

So now which choice you would choose? Choosing to recover your forgotten Vista password by trying to remembering it again and again or just choosing to simply bypass Windows Vista admin password? If you are person who attaches great importance to efficiency, no doubt bypassing Vista user password would be your decision. So, how to bypass Vista admin password on earth?

Method 1: Bypass Windows Vista password with Vista password reset disk.
If there are no other user accounts on your computer machine to unlock your account, and if you created a Vista password reset disk before, then to use this reset disk to bypass forgotten or lost Vista password is the safest way I think.

Here’s how to use the early created Vista password reset disk to bypass Vista password.

  1. Insert the disk to your locked Vista computer until you see the login screen, then enter you username and password, a login failure box will show and then you will see the option to user you password reset disk to create a new password.
  2. Click the option and initiate the Password Reset wizard, then follow the wizard to create a new password for the account step-by-step. 

Method 2: Bypass Vista password with Windows Password Key Standard.
But if didn’t create such a password reset disk, do not be anxious! Windows Password Key Standard can prove a great help. It can help you create a similar Vista password reset disk—Vista password reset CD/DVD to resolve the problem. And it only takes you a few steps and clicks:
Step1: Download Windows Password Key Standard and install it on an accessible computer.
Step2: Create a Vista password reset CD/DVD.
To finish this step you have to prepare a blank and writable CD or DVD first, and then insert it to the accessible computer. Next click “Burn” button to start creating a Vista password reset CD/DVD.
Step3: Put in your newly created Vista password reset CD/DVD in your locked computer and remove your forgotten Vista password there.

See? With only 3 steps and a few clicks of button, you can successfully Windows Vista password bypass easily and quickly. For more information about this amazing tool, you can check it at:

Source: http://www.blog.lostwindowspassword.com/bypass-windows-vista-password/

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20 avril 2012 5 20 /04 /avril /2012 09:14


How can I reset Windows 7 password on my computer? Since I forgot administrator login password and now I want to get it back or reset it so that I can regain access to my Windows 7 machine. But I do not want to reinstall my PC and do not want to lose any data either. So, anyone can offer me some simple ways to reset a Windows 7 password?

Normally, reset forgotten Windows 7 login password and unlock computer are not that easy.
Most passwords are not that difficult to reset, particularly those online since you can still get your forgotten password back through the alternative Email box. While there is one that can give you trouble, yes, that is your Windows 7 login password.


Nowadays, many people are using Windows 7, so if they forgot Windows 7 password, undoubtedly they will be locked out of their Windows 7 machine. Normally, unlocking your computer won’t be easy if you are not very familiar with computers, but it is possible finally.


In this article, I am ready to share some simple ways to reset Windows 7 admin password or other Standard passwords even if you are computer novice, you will find it easy and safe to make it. Simple ways to reset password Windows 7:


1. Take advantage of Windows built-in administrator feature.

In each Windows operating system, there is a built-in Administrator account without password protected but having highest privilege over the computer by default. It is highly recommended to set a password for this Admin. However, there are some people who didn’t notice of it. So if you’ve never set a password for the Windows 7 built-in Admin, then you can reset Windows 7 administrator password as follows:

Step1: Start your computer and press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” twice when you see Windows Login screen.
Step2: Type Administrator in username box and leave the password column blank.
Step3: Now you have successfully reset Windows 7 password and you can freely access to Windows 7 system. And then you can reset the forgotten Windows 7 password from: “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts”.


2. Make best use of the third-party Windows 7 password resetting tool.

Actually only a few computers users didn’t notice of the importance of password protecting the Windows built-in administrator, so if you failed to reset Windows 7 password, then to unlock your locked machine goes to use a professional Windows password resetting to like Windows Password Key Professional.
Here’s how Windows Password Key Professional works:
Step1: Download Windows Password Key Professional and install it to an accessible computer properly.
Step2: Prepare for a blank CD/DVD/USB.
Step3: Insert the CD/DVD/USB to another computer, and then click “Burn” button to start burning an ISO image file to the CD/DVD/USB.
Step4: After finishing the burning, remove the CD or DVD from the computer and then insert this CD or DVD to the locked computer.
Step5: Set the locked computer to boot from CD/DVD/USB in BIOS.
Step6: Reset Windows 7 password with burned CD/DVD/USB. A few seconds later, you will successfully reset Win 7 password and then get access to your computer again.


Source: http://www.blog.lostwindowspassword.com/reset-password-windows-7/

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Published by kaixinyanla
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